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Chibi Tabitha by Rythea

Icon com 10 by ChessComsICON REQUEST: xCalee by Banished-DreamsCalee Avatar by Rythea
Icon Commission: xCalee [2] by XAngelFeatherX

OC Survey

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 5, 2014, 2:27 AM

unofficially tagged by moonlustre

Thanks for doing this! Anything to say before we get started?
you can find my OCs at these charahubs: xCalee[fandom OCs] xSemi[Original OCs] xTousai[Naruto OCs]

Let’s start off with a basic question… Do you have any favorite character/s?

Ugh that's like asking me to pick a favorite movie! I think it's pretty much Tabitha Anderson, my Supernatural OC... Tousai Chasuei and Hitomi Akakunaru, my Naruto OCs, and Kaela my Loveless OC.... but then I love Yumaya [Yugioh], Samantha [Teen Wolf], Amara [Kingdom Hearts], Ethan [Original] and Yumeko [Saiyuki], too.

Which one/ones of your characters is naturally beautiful? 

um... Yumeko... Elizabeth [The Vampire Diaries], and maybe Aishiko [Original]

In contrast, which one/ones of your characters have to make themselves beautiful?

Samantha would probably have to spend time to make herself look beautiful, but she mostly sticks to looking as natural as she can, which is pretty average in comparison to others.

Aubrey [original] spends time getting ready in the morning, because her hair often doesn't like to cooperate with her. 

Ah, how wonderful... But which one of your characters is most desired by others?

None, really?? I think the only ones who ever have more than one person interested in them would be James/Jeremy [original], and Katie [original]... and maybe Tabitha, but Tabitha's love interests are well spread out rather than all at once.

Does anyone hold a candle to them?

I don't really... get this?

Screw fairest! Who is the smartest of them all? 

Probably Hitomi or Maria [Firefly]
Uh dur... Who's not the sharpest tool in the shed?

I don't really know, but bless my dear Kitoku [Sukisho/Sukisyo]... he has some issues...?

Who's read the most?

Probably Tyler [harry Potter] or Kanashii [Death Note]... possibly Elizabeth because she's lived a long time.

Who’s the most active?

Let's just go with half of the Naruto characters... but to narrow it down, I'd guess Akashi, Kitana, or Hitomi.

Can anyone sing?

Serenade/Rosaline [xmen] considering it's the source of her mutation... and there's a couple of other ones, I guess.

What about instruments?

Tabitha used to play guitar. Serenade can play the piano.

I have couple questions~ Who do you think will be getting married?

Yumeko and Hakkai would probably get married. Kana and Caden [kingdom hearts] would probably marry each other. 
Katie [original] would get married to one of her love interests.

Any couples that don’t tie the knot?

I think Tabitha/Dean don't officially tie the knot, but they come close? I just can't see them actually saying "I do."
Elizabeth and Damon would NEVER lol

Who will grow old and grey together?
 Yumeko and Hakkai

Is there anyone that won’t grow old?
Aishiko and Emriko [Original]

How about kids? 
I can't even answer this... almost everyone has kids, but I can say that Tousai has the most kids with Kiba[Naruto]

Enough with the family stuff! Any characters with disabilities?

Kaela is mute. Kitoku... has something I haven't decided on yet. Kanashii is blind (she reads via braille/audio books). 

One last question… what are the races of your characters?

The ones I mentioned...

Kitoku : Human
Tyler : Wizard
Kanashii : Human
Akashi : Human
Kitana : Human
Hitomi : Human
Serenade/Rosaline : Human/Mutant
Yumeko : Water Sprite/Human? [possibly demon?]
Kana : Human/Angel?
Caden : Human
Katie : Human
Elizabeth : Born Witch/ turned Vampire
Aishiko : Elf/Fae
Emriko : Elf

Tabitha Anderson : Human
Tousai : Human
Kaela : Humanoid Feline
Yumaya : Human
Amara : Human?
Ethan : Human
Samantha : Human turned Werewolf
Aubrey : Human
James : Human
Jeremy : Human
Maria : Reaver....just kidding. She's a perfectly normal human.

Thank you again for doing this! Now.. Tag people!
DixieQueen LizzieDoll TheFiddlerAthena emilythesmelly IridescentStardust

Offer to Adopt 

3 deviants said OtA: Leftover Adopts 1 : Open by moonlightmissions

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:iconnaruto-clan-culture: :iconnarutoriginals:

Work to be Done

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1. Alira and Tousai for Krisseh-poo Art Progress Blk - Not Started by IridescentStardust
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3. Couple for JLMagian Art Progress Blk - Editing by IridescentStardust
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Personal Stuff


1.… - Tabitha/Dean Art Progress Blk - Not Started by IridescentStardust
2.… - Yumaya/Bakura Art Progress Blk - Not Started by IridescentStardust
2.… - Kiba/Tousai Art Progress Blk - Not Started by IridescentStardust

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